Edition 2019

XII International Die Casting Scientific and Technical Conference „Innovation in Pressure Die Casting”
May 13th–15th, 2019 – Nowy Adamów


On 13th–15th May this year. in the premises of the Czarny Staw Hotel in Adamów, the 12th Die Casting Conference took place. Its organizers were the Lodz Branch, the Main Board and the Die Casting Section of the Main Board of the Polish Foundrymen’s Association.

The conference was opened by the chairman of the Pressure Die-Casting Section of ZG STOP, the President of the Board of the Łódź Branch of STOP Mr. Wiesław Walczak, MSc Eng  who welcomed more than 100 participants – practitioners and scientists from Polish and foreign companies specializing in the production of pressure castings, machines and equipment for this technology, tools, materials and universities.

The conference part of the event was divided into two sessions, the first of which was held on the first day of the Conference, and the second on the second day.

The first session was conducted by the presidium in the persons, Colleague Dorota Wilk-Kołodziejczyk PhD Eng and Collegue. Grzegorz Gumienny PhD Eng prof. of Lodz University of Technology. During this session nine presentations were given in sequence:

The development of pressure machines from the classics to hybrids 

prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy J. Sobczak, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, dr inż. Piotr Dudek, Foundry Research Institute, Poland

Presentation of the Copromec Company 

Compromec Die Casting s.r.l, Italy

Reducing operating costs by increasing the machine’s efficiency 

Francesco Sauda, COLOSIO s.r.l., Italy

Influence of surface lubricants on adhesive qualities of structural components in high pressure die-casting 

dr Tammo Lüβenhop, Petrofer Chemie H.R. Fischer GmbH + Co. KG, Germany

Mechanical properties of AlSi11 + SiC composites produced through die casting 

prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Konopka, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

Innovative robot automation solutions in foundry and outlook 4.0 

Steffen Guenther, KUKA CEE GmbH, Germany

Presentation of IDRA Company OLCS 2019 

Paolo Milanese, IDRA s.r.l., Italy

Vaccum die casting quality control and data collection 

Steve Schackemy, Fondarex SA, Switzerland

New requirements in die casting Multiple Zone. Temperature Control 

Roland Luschtinetz ROBAMAT Automatisierungstechnik Gesellschaft GmbH, Austria

In the second session, which was led by Collegue Tadeusz Pacyniak prof. from the Lodz Technical University and Zbigniew Konopka prof. from Częstochowa University of Technology held eight pressentations given in succession.

Presentation of OMS PRESSE s.r.l. Company 

Maciej Kronenberg, OMS Presse s.r.l., Italy 

Analysis of the impact of high-melting additives in hypoeutectic silumins 

dr hab. inż. Grzegorz Gumienny, prof. Łódź University of Technology, Poland

The latest casting technologies – Thixomolding 

Piotr Biernat BM Trade, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd

Coating and regeneration of aluminum die-casting molds 

Janusz Górecki, VÚHŽ a.s., Czech Republic

Material and technological conversion process support 

dr inż. Dorota Wilk-Kołodziejczyk, mgr inż. Małgorzata Grudzień, Foundry Research Institute, Krakow, Poland

Meccanica Pi.Erre Trimm and Machining Technology Meccanica Pi.Erre 

dr Stefania Calubini, Meccanica Pi.Erre, Włochy, Marek Czyżewski Gussgarden, Polska

The use of thixomolding technology for the production of nano-composites based on magnesium alloys 

dr inż. Łukasz Rogal, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland

Modern technologies in aluminum pressure casting 

Industrial Solutions Group sp. z o.o., Poland

Improvement of the quality of pressure casting with the use of computer simulations 

mgr inż. Marcin Małysza, Foundry Research Institute, Krakow, Poland

A discussion was held after each session.